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The coating machine ERM400 has equipped with a stock barge of 80kg chocolate.  In this barge the chocolate can heat to a temperature of 40C.  Below the barge the chocolate pumps trough a three tap to a under- or upper bath.

The incorporated pump has rondpompcapaciteit of: 700kg/h


The grille belt, which is removable, offer the possibility to cover all the products with chocolate. The traveling belt is provide with a blowing system, a detailer and all extra parts for creating a chocolate bath, and chocolate curtain. The speed of the grilling link and the aerator of the blowing system are regulable.  The travvelingbelt have a band width of 400mm. To keep the whole on temperature  be there two regulable heating beamers .  The construction has been manufactured from stainless steel.  The targeting happens by PLC and with the belonging touch-screen, with regulable speed.



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