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SAM780 mouldingline

The mouldingline SAM780 is a mouldingline which offers you the possibility for moulding forms and close them. The machine can obtain a capacity of 780 forms in an hour. It is entirely built in stainless steel. You can handle this machine by one person.

   Functioning: This machine has a table with colar transport to place the forms, at the end of the transport is a heating-cap. In these cap are infra-red beamers assembled. They can heat up the forms to the perfect working temperature. After these cap is a scrape system which is electrically heated. The temperature is establish separately. Under this system is some place for a wheel-machine or a temperingmachine TM80. The forms are filed with chocolate and afterwards scraped. With use of a TM80 machine the production can be forced up, and be further automated, because there is constant a perfectly chocolate.

After this scrape system is placed a tremble table, to avoid air bells in the products. Then the forms are turned in a station. This can be turned on or off separately, for moulding or closing. To regulate the thiknes off the shell, there is placed an shaking-table which can be regulated. After the shaking-table the forms are transported into the output section. Here are 2 extra side-scrapers and 3 extra under-scrapers to clean the forms optimally.

Technical specifications:

-    the machine has been built entirely in stainless steel

-    the form conduction is electrically heated and is separately regulable (input/output/hollow)

-    the targeting of the machine happens by PLC, and aal transports are electronically protected so that at a possible blocking immediately stops all transports.

-    all electric connections are built in, in the machine under the desk

-    in the hollow form a barge has been placed with a funnel shape, which is heated entirely and regulated with an electronic thermostat.

-    under the hollow form a water-heated chocolate pump has been placed, with chocolate pipings, it pumps the redundant chocolate in the wheel machine or tempering machine, where it can be processed again

-    from size 135 x 275 mm, for special form sizes please contact us!


The operating off the machine happens by touch-screen, which is connected to a PLC-targeting. This is to guarantee a good functioning of the machine.


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