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Cooling tunnel (tailored made)(example)


The link chilly tunnel has a band width of 400 mm and has an effectieve cool length of 10 m., an import length of +/- 1 m. and an export length of +/- 0.5 m. A separate piece which can be detached will be foreseen at the back to get the products beautiful loose of the link. Because of the exceptional construction there will be a double refrigeration realized, what means there will be a refrigeration beneath and one above present in the tunnel. The cooling above is with radiation refrigeration because the cold air won't come directly on the product. The construction is completely made of stainless steel and on top of the tunnel there will be isolated polyester heads placed.

 The tunnel has following specific properties:

-         Band width: 400mm

-         Type of band: 1-layer

-         Total length: 12500mm

-         cooling length: 10000mm

-         import length: 1000mm

-         export length: 500mm

-         length of detaching piece: 1000mm

-         heads: polyester

-         each head can be put up and it's possible to take them off

-         scraping knife places on the band to keep it clean

-         pneumatic band targeting front and back

-         in the front there is a passage with passaging knife

-         at the back there is a passage with the help of a role diameter 80

-         traction with help of a traction role +/- diameter 300, hold with antiskid material

-        the detaching piece will be realized with a seperate band and two knives passages

-         for the detaching piece is there a separate band targeting

-         regulable band speed with the help of 1 evaporator 8 kw attached on the existing central cooling

-         temperature regulation with the help of a digital thermostat





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