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Cooling tunnel  cooling from above (tailored made)(example)


The link chilly tunnel has a band widht of 250 mm and has an effective cool length of 4.5 m, an import lenght of 0.5m and an export lenght of 1m.

There will be evaporators of  1.5 Kw cold capacity which is connected on the assembled coolinggroup which has been assembled on top of the evaporator.

The construction is completely made of stainless steel and on top of the tunnel there will be isolated polyester heads placed .  


The tunnel has following specific properties:

-          band widht: 250mm

-          type band: 1-laags

-          total length: 4.5 m

-          cooling length: 3 m

-          cooling 1.5Kw

-          stainless steel,isolated coolcaps

-          each cap can be decreased

-         scraping knife placed on the transportbelt, to ceep the belt clean

-          scraping knifes placed on the rols, that touched the belt on the outside

-          pneumatic link targeting

-          link targeting is send by targeting photograph and a small PLC

-          in the front a passage with knife

-          in the back a passage using a role diameter 45mm

-          traction using a tractionrole diameter 300, hold with antiskid material

-          regulable link speed using a frequency corrector

-          temperature regulation using digital thermostat

-          the link cannot start without press air

-          electric implementation 240V 50Hz

-          Local  imurgence need stops spread concerning the length of the tunnel

-          coolgroup semi-hermetic air-cooled

-          cooltunnel on wheels

-          Each part has a length of 1500mm (for in de lift)





             (photograph: TM80 with coveringsystem and cooltunnel )

-          with CE-documentation

-          doors of traction are bolted with two loks

-          entirely carried out in stainless steel

-          traction on tunnel end

-          an service cupboard for traction and refrigeration

-          coolgroup assembled on the cap

-          one thermostat

-          The whole is treathed with pearl jets