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FB40 Interior dosing machine

The FB40 is an interior dosing machine that all interiors treats who can injected. All movements are sent by means of PLC and servo-engines, so that a maximum of flexibility is offer. The machine standard has equipped with 2 heated and thermoststically regulable stock barges with contents of 40 litres each. The temperature of these stock barges is regulable and using an electronic corrector. Trough the specific construction and the use of servo- engines, a very high exactitude is reached. When special forms are used it's even  possible to make hand made pralines with a spouted foot (manon). The machine has standard 1 spray beam wit 8 pistons and 2 needle plates with respectively 7 and 8 nipples.


Form format: 275x135x25 (30)

Capacity: 40 battles/minute on average (10-15 forms/minute)

The machine is entirelly built from stainless steel

Options:        Beam with 10 pistons          

Plates with respectively 6,9 or 10 nipples.




Detail of nipples                                                                  injection of the filling                                    filling of manons


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