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STM120 dose- and temperingmachine

The moulding- and temperingmachine STM120, have equipped with a stock barge of +/- 120kg. chocolate. In this barge, chocolate is heated to a temperature of +/- 40C.. Below the barge, chocolate is pumped trough a pump by the cylinder, and cooled, and mixed. Her the ideal use temperature is reached which establish, chocolate flows to the export control, directly ready for use. The maximum purchase  amount to: +/- 400kg/h.. The incorporated pump has a capacity of: +/- 700kg/h.. The construction has been manufactered entirely from stainless steel and provides with PLC and touch screen baffle. In this machine a needle system with pump is built in, the needle head exist from six steel pipes. This system exists of a water-heated chocolate pump with combined targeting, what it makes possible to dose chocolate. This pump is coupled to a water-heated needle plate.


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