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Closing machine

The closingmachine, is a machine that has divised especially for closing the chocolate forms. The machine exist from a impose part, which is regulable in speed. Above this impose part a pré heated cap have been placed for an optimum obtain functioning. After the transverse part a scraping system is placed, where the forms pushed trough. This scraping system is regulable in height and exist from heated conductances and several above and side scrapers. The temperature of all this is rugulate each time separately. This whole offers the possibility, using one wheelmachine or the TM80 of transvasing, and of scraping forms. Then a trilling table is placed to let the product trill in, before the forms are closed. Closing the forms happened with a closingsystem, that works with a pneumatic cylinder with conductances. It is entirely built in U-setting, so that it's possible for one person to work with the machine. With this machine it is also possible only brush the forms dense without closing. Also, you can simply take off the forms, before the closing system.



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