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SAM780 with second turning and cooltunnel

The mouldingline SAM780 is a mouldingline that offers the possibility for moulding forms and close them. The machine can obtain a capacity of 780 forms in an hour, and it has been built entirely in stainless steel. This machine is perfectly to serve by one person.


This machine have a input table with a chain transport, where on the end is placed a pré heater. In this pré heater are infraredradiation assembled so that the forms are warmed up to the ideal temperature. After this pré heater there is a scrapingsystem with electrically heated scrapingknives. The temperature of these knives are establish separately. Under this scrapingsystems it's possible to place a wheelmachine or an temperingmachine MBT120, TM80. The forms are transvased with chocolate and scraped afterwards. At use of MBT120 or TM80 the production can be forced up and further automated because there is constantly perfect tempered chocolate that's comming out of the machine. Afther this scrapingsystem there is placed a trimblingtable, to avoid air bubbles in the products, and to lett the chocolate completely trilled in. Afterwards the forms coming intrough the second turningstation, which can put on and off, to moulding or closing. To regulate the cross-section of the shell there is a trimblingtable afther the turningstation which can be arranged by the frequency targeting. Afther the trimblingtable the forms are transversely and pushed intrough the export part. In the export part are two extra side scrapers and three extra under scrapers, to clean the forms optimaly.


Technical specifications:

-    the machine has been built entirely in stainless steel

-    conductances have been electrically heated and are separately regulable (import/export/hollow form)

-    the targeting of intirely happens with PLC and all transports are electronically protected so that at

        a possible blocking stops immediatly all transports.

-    The electric connections build in in the machine, under the desk.

-    In the hollow form has been placed a berge with funnel form which is heated entirely and it's

        regulated with an electronic thermostat.

-    Under the hollow form barge is placed a water-heated chocolate pump with appropriate chocolate

        piping, which the redundant chocolate pumps in the wheelmachine or temperingmachine, where

        these can be processed.

-        The service of intirely happened by touch-screen, where aal establish possibilities are reflected on.

        The whole is send by PLC, to guarantee a perfect working.                              


Second turning station

After the mouldingline will be a second turning station for turning the forms again. The targeting of this turning station becomes to foresee in the mouldingline and can put on or off for moulding or closing.


Cooltunnel for forms

For cooling the chocolate forms becomes there a form chilly tunnel with a braedth of 6 forms to guarantee long coolingtime.

In these cooltunnel the forms moves firstly by 3 to behind, then they automatically moves forward by 3, so that it's possible to serve the complete machine by 1 person. During the moulding there are no long coolingtimes necessary, and so it's possible to put each time only 1 or 2 place forms by file in the cooltunnel. This can be established on touch-screen of the mouldingline, where the tergeting of entirely is centrlised.




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