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CT100 till CT500  (also tailered made)

The chocolate supply tank quatro is a tank those exist from four separate chocolate tanks with a stock barge of +/- 100 kg till 500 kg or towards own wish in one frame. The whole is entirely double walled and is electrically heated. Each kettle is provide with a rudder work with an own electromotor, to become a good mix of the product. In the frame off the tank is placed suffuciently a electric heat to keep the four tanks on temperature +/- 45, together with an electronic temperature corrector and a extra protection to overheating. Also is each chocolate tank provide with a drainer.

The construction has been manufactured entirely from stainless steel (RVS 304).

The whole is treated with pearl jets.

Dimensions:L 2730 x B 700 x H 1110 (lid altitude, dimensions are informative) CT100

   Foto triplex