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T400 continue tempering or batch tempering

There becomes a temperingmachine that's tailored made, and existing from a meltingtank with contents of 250 kg., coupled to a chocolate pump and a temperingcilinder with a temperingcapacity of 400 kg/h.. The chocolate tank has been complete waterheated and has his firm rudder work that is operated by engine reductor on top of the chocolate tank. To this tank is placed a water-heated pump, which pumps the chocolate trougk the temperingcilinder. The temperature regulation, ensures that the temperature of the chocolate can be established perefectly, depending on the type of chocolate. All service and temperature institutions happens by touch-screen, to which a PLC is coupled. To the termination of the chocolate control becomes a pneumatic three tap, to pump chocolate to a consumer, and on the other side to pump the chocolate back to the meltingtank.



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